jueves, 9 de julio de 2009

Hello I am going to tell about dogs that do not have a home ore care ore some dogs who get treated very badly. One of them is Pongo a dog that does have a home but doesen't get treated very well. I saw Pongo when I was 6,7 ore 8,I can't remember. The owners got another dog because I set it free with a friend. I felt sorry for the dog because he also was treated badly. Back to Pongo. I've only seen him go for a walk once ore twice my whole life. She doesen't get fed a lot so we feed them mostly,but Pongo needs help from somebody else. We even left a note to the owners .The next day we saw the note taired apart in pieces. We've spoke to them we rote letters but,they just don't care. Pongo needs your help please.

leaves us a comment and we will give you information.

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